Lake Greenwood—A Hidden Treasure!

Once you visit Lake Greenwood you will understand why our residents prefer to vacation in their own backyard and visitors never want to leave. Take special pleasure in a slower-paced lifestyle where you savor every moment without giving up the luxuries of fine culture, great shopping and first-rate medical care.

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Lake Greenwood boasts 11,400 acres of water and over 200 miles of shoreline, making it one of the larger lakes in South Carolina. Our lake is a year-round boating, fishing and water lover’s paradise located just minutes from nearby Greenwood and is an easy drive from Atlanta, Charlotte, and Columbia.

The Landing and Deep Water Point are among the most easily accessible and conveniently located neighborhoods nestled on the shores of Lake Greenwood. A drive through this charming area and you’ll understand why so many have decided to make this their permanent home.

Between 1935 and 1940, Lake Greenwood was created with the construction of Buzzard’s Roost Dam. Lake management was initially undertaken by the Greenwood County Electric Power Commission, and later by the Engineering Department. However, due to increased federal license requirements there was a need to create a lake management department. Created in 2006, the Lake Management Department is responsible for issuing permits for encroachments on Lake Greenwood, registration of encroachments, camping reservations on Goat Island, lake upkeep, larvicide and herbicide applications, Greenwood County public lake access areas, assisting in complying with the FERC license, administering shoreline management, and inspection of lake encroachments.


Key Points

  • Lake Greenwood is owned by Greenwood County.
  • The lake borders 3 neighboring counties – Greenwood, Laurens and Newberry
  • Lake Greenwood is NOT owned by the Army Corps of Engineers as many lakes in the area are. What that means is that 1-shoreline development is encouraged, 2-a consistent high water level is maintained throughout the recreational and boating season, 3-private permanent docks are allowed, 4-your property line goes all the way to the high water mark

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